Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wonder blurb. 

"I am disgusting, I am horrible, I am nothing you have ever imagined!" August, the eleven your old boy, leads a life of no other . He is not like anyone else. His face is "different" to other people. Him and other children don't "bond" as such. August hasn't been to school before, but now is his chance to show what he can do.  

Read this moving tale to follow in August's footsteps....

By Emelia and Amy.

Out of my mind blurb

My blurb for Out of my mind!

"My name is Melody, I'm your average girl, normal family except I cant speak or walk. Oh yeah and I can remember every-thing..."

Melody Is 11 years old, but there's something different about her, although shes disabled she is extremely clever. But she has no way to show any one. Suddenly she gets a life changing machine to help her speak, but is the world ready for her...

By Poppy  

Eleven Eleven blurb

                                     ELEVEN  ELEVEN

      Its 1918 and you follow the lives of three soldiers. one German,one American, one British. But only one journey. As they battle through the war scarred plains of Germany they lose friends but also kill foes. Although, as they make there treacherous journeys they slowly become more close to each other than expected...

By Harvey Williams, Maple.

Thursday, 7 February 2013


You can't blend in when you were born to stand out....  

Wonder is an amazing book which makes you laugh one minute and then cry the next. This book is about a boy called August, who has an abnormal face.  For years he had been home schooled but it was time for him to take it up a notch. There are lots of twists and turns on his journey some he can cope with, some he can not.. In wonder it hops from different characters showing their point of view about August. This helps you to understand whats its like to be or be around August.            

This gripping tale is great for ages 10 and over, because younger people wouldn't be able to understand. By Emelia and Amy

Book review: The Nightmare Factory

                                                    THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY

The nightmare factory is a non-stop action, feels like your watching a movie book. It is about a boy called Andrew and a girl called poppy who meet some very odd people behind a market stall, they tell them that if they don't put up these dream-catchers evil will get you....they ignored it. When they wake up the next morning they find themselves in hospital rooms with a strange metal disk embedded in the back of his head and a strange leather band around his wrist. He goes into a humongous journey to escape the nightmare factory and picks up a few friends on the way...


Friday, 1 February 2013

maple class blog!

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Liz Pichons new blog!

Dont you just love L. Pichon!! Well your in luck because... Tadaaa she has a blog and it shows what shes up to and new books that are out by her,  please visit this website as it is very cool and is useful to know what other books she has. By Emily